About Me

*Artist’s rendering

My name is Cory Timmons. I’m a fifth generation Oregonian. I’m married, have two herding dogs and a tuxedo cat.

I’m pretty much always smiling. I feel strongly that you don’t have to be serious to be successful. I’ve found that having a playful disposition toward life makes it much more enjoyable. There’s no sense in being a bad mood all the time. I laugh (cackle, more like) every day, and try to make others laugh, too.

One of my favorite things is search through the cast aside, forgotten treasures at thrift stores. I certainly don’t always find something, but when I do, it’s usually a gem. Or a Jem. Because that happened once. One-of-a-kind finds, that’s what I’m after.

In spring and summer you’ll find me with my husband working in the yard at our home in the city. In the winter, I spend my time in the studio painting, sewing, or working on digital art. I’m a passionate photographer, print maker, painter, and professional. Oh, and did I mention I like tumbling rocks?

My work history

I’m currently studying Visual Communications and Design with a Minor in Writing at Western Oregon University, with an expected graduation in 2019. I’m  working part-time while in school so I can focus on completing my education. Below is a summary of my work history, roles, and responsibilities to date. For additional details, please contact me for a copy of my complete resume. 

Administrative Assistant Aug 2017 – Present
  • Updates content for WordPress website for internal audience
  • Performs administrative and record-keeping duties
  • Creates brand assets and marketing materials
  • Designs training manuals, brochures, and documents
Instructional Design Associate Consultant Jan 2016 – Sept 2017
  • Assessed internal customer needs to identify project goals and propose solutions
  • Maintained brand, legal, and retention standards on all materials created
  • Kept up-to-date on industry trends and regulatory changes
  • Completes 10-20 concurrent projects by creating project timelines and determining milestones
  • Builds and updates websites (like this one) using a content management system
  • Reviews peers work for adherence to quality assurance standards and content clarity
  • Collaborates with project managers and subject matter experts to build content
Administrative Assistant III March 2014 – Jan 2016
  • Created high-level executive summaries, statistical reports, policies, and procedures
  • Served as point of contact for internal and external customers, vendors, and regulators
  • Handled confidential and proprietary information with discretion and care
  • Consulted with leadership to solve business problems in management strategy meetings
  • Coordinated onsite and off-site meeting logistics including materials, scheduling, and facilities
  • Conducted research, analyzed survey of employee retention, and suggested interventions
Business Training Consultant III May 2008 – March 2014
  • Facilitated two-month long, blended classroom customer service classes
  • Coordinated course logistics, new hire identification, paperwork, and building security
  • Created tools to help trainers and managers monitor and communicate about learner progress
  • Tracked trends in learner outcomes to identify curriculum modifications
  • Scheduled and registered learners for classes
  • Conducted qualitative surveys to establish data to determine baseline for future comparison
Team Support Leader April 2007 – May 2008
  • Performed panel-based behavioral interviews to hire new employees
  • Resolved escalated technical issues by identifying root cause
  • Supported employees in using customer service skills by coaching them through tough situations
  • Designed and developed new hire training and on-boarding

Software and skills

























If you think my skills match your needs, please contact me and let’s discuss possibilities.