Design samples

Brand redesign

This identity campaign improved a local business’ branding to create a more palatable design. The collaborative project led to the creation of the monoprint-style logo, a motif that is repeated throughout the menu design and table placards. The colors evoke the rich saturation of flora and fauna of Mexico, while demonstrating a casual, friendly, comfortable vibe.

Poster Examples

This series of posters for the WOU music department represents print work with the same client for two years. The posters incorporate the WOU branding while maintaining distinct visual qualities to distinguish each event. Working with multiple clients with strict deadlines, the posters show a commitment to the wider creative arts community.

Art Manifesto

This manifesto distills my perspective on art and design into a neat list with punchy paragraphs.  Rejecting the modernist style in favor of post-modern expressive typography, it demonstrates clarity of writing, an integration of design into it’s presentation, and shows eloquent, concise writing.