Learning samples

Aperture concepts and practice

Learn more about photography by diving into the idea of aperture and shutter speed and it’s relationship to image-making. Using rich media integration, this web experience provides users with practical examples.

How to build a fence

This infographic provides instructions on how to build a fence. The clarity of writing, practical exercises, and friendly tone invite even the most apprehensive person to try their hand at yard-containment.

How to get a (better) job

The materials for this one-day seminar are designed to aid participants in developing practical skills for the job market. The original content derives from research and shows the integration of presentation and participant materials.

Word document: D and D scenario template

This document shows the use of Microsoft Word quick parts to create a flexible solution for dungeon masters. With a single page, a DM can prepare for their game by quickly building a scenario using blocks of relevant details.