UX Design: CareCost

CareCost is an app designed to help users estimate the cost of medical services. It shows price estimates for nearby providers, sorted by In-Network, Out-of-Network, and prices without insurance.

I developed CareCost after a death in the family, which was preceded by unexpectedly high bills. The health care system in this country is fractured, and difficult to navigate for most users. I conducted research through interviews and user testing to develop the app. I relied on this data to create the user journeys and to inform the final design.

I used Sketch to design and build a prototype for the app. You can try it out yourself below.

View Prototype on SketchCloud.

Low-fidelity wireframes

These quick sketches outline the main actions the user performs through their journey. It built a framework for the development of the final design and higher fidelity wireframes.

High-fidelity wireframes

Once the main user journeys were mapped, I worked through the main app design. The earlier design of the home screen put the user in central focus. As the app refined, the focus became more on the economics of care, and so the emphasis ended on the estimation function.

Fonts, Colors, Icons

I chose serif fonts for most headings and a complementary sans serif for the body copy. The colors represent a mature yet vibrant analogous scheme. The traditional bottom and top navigation which follow standard iOS design conventions inspires trust and confidence. The icons are bold and the text is easy to read.

Sketch prototype

I developed the final prototype in Sketch. I kept the file neatly organized and easy to interpret to make development an easier task.

View more of my journey at the CareCost blog.