The surgery

You’d be surprised how often people want to ask a trans person about their junk. It’s super annoying. If I actually talk about it, well…

This piece of conceptual karaoke tries to express some of the rage I feel about my body itself, and about the curiosity cis people have with what I plan on doing to “fix it.”

House Hunters: Multinational

This parody critiques the destructiveness and waste involved in DIY culture, tying it to the excesses and profit-seeking motives of multinational corporations. By personifying such corporations as a couple buying a home, the entry point for the average viewer is the real estate agent: complicit in the abuse by perpetual obligation and servitude required by capitalism. Just like the quarterly earnings report, many in American culture aspire toward ascension to a higher level, without any appreciation for what is already in-hand. 

it’s a human!

This video exposes the weirdness of gender reveal parties. We celebrate our child’s gender before they’re even born, tying it directly to the appearance of external genitalia. This practice reinforces gender essentialism, and damages those who deviate from gender norms. There is a clear preference for the gender of a child, and is often quite obvious which is the “better” gender.

surveillant memories

surveillant memories is a metaphorical exploration of the way trauma becomes a source of constant surveillance in the mind of a survivor. The video also explores the pain of a parent knowing about the abuse of their child. It emphasizes the irony and tragedy of a parent’s inability and desire to protect their child from the harms of the world. Just as in the original song by the artist Anohni, the use of the word “daddy” is metaphorical, and not intended to convey autobiographical information.