Below are links to digitized versions of written work. Both are types of analysis: one for business, one for literature. You can also browse through my more casual writing on my blog for a different tone and type of writing.

Writing samples

Interactive fiction: The Network

Play a game where winning is losing! Lost in the Network, you fulfill your desires manifested in magical objects as you traverse a series of doors revealing the horrific nightmare of the contemporary internet hellscape. Prepare to lose your individuality and warmth for humanity as you become one with the Network!

Analytical Report: Employee Turnover

Surveying the topic of employee turnover, this report reveals the underlying psychological causes and costs of the work environment. It outlines possible corrective actions and provides an ideal outcome addressing the researched weaknesses in operations. The report follows typical business conventions, including an executive summary.

Short story: Baroque in New York

This short-story follows Clark as he struggles to make ends meet post-Art school. His boyfriend Richard was born with unlimited access, and it shows. What happens when appropriation becomes betrayal? Read and find out!

Zine: Art Manifesto

This manifesto distills my perspective on art and design into a neat list with punchy paragraphs.  Rejecting the modernist style in favor of post-modern expressive typography, it demonstrates clarity of writing, an integration of design into it’s presentation.


Read more casual writing about my life, pop culture, politics, what I’m reading and what I’m thinking about.