FU: A new approach to free time (June 2015)

I don’t mean to lie to myself or my readers, but I clearly did.

LOL who is actually reading this shit anyway?!

More than a year ago, I romanticized about spending my time differently. I was no longer going to be lazy, dammit! I wanted to revitalize my life, and while I had good intentions, they were just that, intentions. The follow-through never really happened. Why? Well, because I just don’t feel like being on 100% of the time. And that’s okay.

I only adhered to this philosophy for 10 weeks. I decided to take all of my remaining classes at once, in one semester. Fifteen college credits, forty hours of work a week, and one four-month old collie kept me busy during that final term. My life pretty much mirrored the schedule I designed in my prior post. It totally sucked.

Perhaps it was because it wasn’t things I wanted to do rather than something I had to do that made the experience so miserable, but I think it was as much the rigid structure of it. Or maybe too much of one subject made me miserable.

Either way, spending that much time toiling away at anything doesn’t bring me pleasure, so I’m not going to pretend that I follow such a rigid structure.

Overall, I learned that all of those things bring me joy (as do Netflix and PlayStation). So just do them. But I won’t berate myself for watching a few episodes of Lady Dynamite. It’s not hurting anyone.